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Today’s business aviation industry is witnessing a fundamental shift – more people are turning to private jets as a primary method of travel than ever before.

The pandemic has changed the way people look at air travel.  We have an unprecedented amount of new entrants to aircraft charter, jet card and membership programs, fractional aircraft ownership and whole aircraft ownership.

Private Jet Aircraft Broker & Acquisition Consultant

I am in high demand as a private jet aircraft broker and acquisition consultant specializing in assisting buyers who are new to jet ownership or need high-touch assistance with starting up operations. I can help you reach an informed, no-regrets decision when you are searching for a new or pre-owned jet, whether it is for business or private use. My goal is to empower you as an informed buyer. I offer comprehensive private aviation consulting and aircraft acquisition services. Throughout the years, I have helped high net worth individuals, private companies successfully buy the perfect aircraft to suit their unique travel needs. As Sales Director and Acquisition Consultant at jetAVIVA, I’m utilizing my 25 years of piloting experience and business acumen to help my clients realize their dream of jet ownership. In my first full year at jetAVIVA, I earned the Top Sales Performer award and the Grandmaster award for sales excellence.

I specialize in helping people sort through the various options available.  My operational and financial background allows me to advise my clients on all aspects related to private travel options.

For those clients that choose aircraft ownership, I offer a turn-key service that includes determining the right jet for the mission, advising on ownership costs and tax benefits, locating the specific jet that meets my clients needs, negotiating the deal, overseeing the due diligence process and placing the aircraft into service. I also can advise on staffing and setting up the right structure for the management of the aircraft.  

I am partnered with jetAVIVA, the #1 leader in preowned jet acquisitions and sales.  See what my clients say about working with me;


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